New Hedge Fund in Tampa Bay with Tenant Driven homes - Great Opportunity For Buyers Who Are Not Ready To Buy

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Listen to Andrew Duncan as he talks about the new Hedge Fund in Tampa Bay Hyperion Homes - together with his guest Robert Johnson, head of his listing team, 
on The Duncan Duo Real Estate Show on 970 WFLA.

Andrew's team has worked with a lot of hedge funds before and they helped them find consumers to sell the homes directly and also helped them purchase homes.

What's different with Hyperion Homes is that they offer buyers who cannot qualify for a mortgage for some reason (i.e. had a recent shortsale, credit is a bit short, etc.) a chance to finding a home they want now and purchasing it in a couple of years or so.

They qualify a buyer/tenant for a certain amount of rent and purchase price. The company buys the home for the tenant and gives them a guaranteed purchase price with a 5% jump of price each year which is lower than the average appreciation of home prices in the market right now. They even make modifications to the home! The good thing about it is that the tenants are under no obligation to buy the home. They are only obligated to 1 year rent.

It gives consumers a great head start in buying a home they want. It's also great for people who are unsure of moving to Tampa Bay because they can use it as a test drive according to Robert.

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