Why you should consider listing your home during the holidays and winter & population growth in FL

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Andrew Duncan,#1 Tampa Bay Realtor tells us why we should consider listing and selling our home during the holidays and winter in Tampa Bay.  He also discusses population growth and its impact on real estate

The population growth in Florida is doing great this year which was opposite of how it was 2-3 years ago where people were moving out of the state. They were losing people to other states like the Carolinas and Georgia.

On top of the population increase, it's something that drives demand for real estate market. There are people moving from NY, the Mid West, Indiana and Illinois to name a few. This increase in population also causes the increase in demand for housing. A lot of them are retirees buying a home before they're ready to retire. They want to start the process early because values are rising. Some are relocating from a corporate standpoint. And there are a lot are military that are PCS from another base.

What some home sellers fail to think about when selling their home this time of year is that Tampa Bay does not have the huge seasonal fluctuation unlike other states up North where the real estate market starts to slow down around November. Part of the reason is because of the population increase in the next couple of months. They have people with extra money who are looking for homes to buy the next couple of months because they're here, they have time off, or this is where they spend the season.

This is a great time for sellers to sell this time of year because it could be a potential target for someone buying a vacation home or a retirement home.

Some people think that retirees look for 55+ condos but a lot of these buyers are actually buying in "family neighborhoods" like Westchase and South Tampa because that's what they want to be around. They want to be around people, kids, families.

He mentions that November, historically is the 1st or 2nd best month of the year for The Duncan Duo which just proves that the market doesn't slow down this time of the year.

He also touches on the advantage of moving now because closing next year for people who are looking to have Homestead exemption will have higher taxes and they will be locked down to next year's values for their assessment.

Isn't really a bad time to sell in Tampa Bay. You get different benefits in different times of the year especially if you have something that is geared towards more of a vacation home. This would be the perfect time for you!

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