Home Staging and New Programs from ShowHomes to Help Sell the Emotion and Aesthetics of Your Home

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Andrew Duncan, Tampa Bay's #1 Realtor's talk about the importance of staging on the sale of your home.  He has Linda Saavedra from ShowHomesTampa.com as a guest on The Duncan Duo Real Estate Show on 970 WFLA.

He starts off by sharing how that staging was one of the ways Barbara Corcoran built her business. She really pushed staging to set her apart from other realtors especially in New York. It helped her convince how an 800 sqft condo is being sold at $2M. It became a crucial part of her business.

Linda Saavedra from ShowHomesTampa.com talk about their services and how aside from staging, they also do a some light rehab or interior renovations, pre-listing consultations, post listing trouble shooting, painting, flooring, landscaping, cleaning and more. They are a one-stop shop to get your house ready to sell.

Andrew said he saw an article about small exterior upgrades gives the best return of investment. He mentions the top 10 upgrades that will give the best cost recoup but none of them will give them 100% recoup of their costs. They are meant to increase the sale price, increase the saleablity or increase the certainty of sale of your home. Andrew himself is a fan of the landscaping side of things. He feels that consumers need to put more attention to this to get more curb appeal, they need the grass looking green, they need fresh moss, etc.

Consumers don't need to break the bank. They can do some minor cosmetic things that are affordable and reasonable which can make a huge impact. At the end of the day, it's all about presentation. That's what's going to get that buyer focused on your house versus another house down the street.

Another important thing is knowing your competition, looking at homes that are on the market and figuring what your home's weaknesses are and hoping that staging could help overcome those weaknesses like a weird floor plan, a water view that is not taken advantage of to name a few.

It is also important to look at the home on the buyer's perspective because it's an emotional thing. Although it is standard to provide facts about the home, the buyer needs to fall in love with the home. They need to have an emotional attachment to it. They need to be able to walk in, feel, experience and love the home then the facts will just support the case for them to move forward.

Staging for older homes that have dated or kind of flawed areas also helps minimize or soften that up so that buyers don't see it. And when the consumers fall in love with the home, they have their rose colored glasses on so those things won't matter to them anymore.

Staging will help consumers see the true vision for the home and look past the little flaws. When a consumer buys a home, they are going to change a lot of things to it anyway so you want to make them see all the positives about the property and let them have that emotional attachment.

Another thing that could affect a home buyer's decision is if the home owner is there during the showing. It would be more difficult for a consumer to fall in love with the property if someone is constantly talking over their shoulder. It actually turns them off because the owner is intruding in their own time and space and they will not get emotionally attached to the property. It is important to set the stage for the buyer to let them feel that emotional connection to the home.

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