Tampa Real Estate and Realtor Career – How working at The Duncan Duo is different than typical Brokerage

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Thinking about a real estate career? Working with The Duncan Duo is NOT like working for a typical RE brokerage in Tampa Bay. Andrew Duncan discusses this on the show and why his team model is a better fit for a lot of agents....especially when the first year failure rate for most agents is so high. His model provides coaching, support and plenty of leads so the agent doesn't have to spend a ton of money when they don't know how to lead generate and market.                                                                                
They run a team model not a typical broker model. Their agents go through a rigid screening process. They have to fit their culture and understand their systems. One of the nice things about joining a team and running on a team model is that unlike a broker model wherein you are responsible for everything, in a team model, they do all the marketing, all the lead generation and managing all the processes. The agents who join the team aren't responsible to spend money to market or create business. They do it for them. The agents merely have to service the leads generated.

Arnie Diaz from Waterstone Mortgage talks about the transaction side of things. He agrees that a lot of sales people, the go-getters, are not wired to be good at the process. He says that they have a similar model in Waterstone.

This is the reason why The Duncan Duo has a staff to take care of everything else so the agents could focus solely on representing their buyers and sellers. Their staff manages the administrative process from the contract to closing. Andrew shares that according to Re/Max, their company is one of the top companies in the country in terms of transaction count per license. Their model is run so that the agents do a lot of production, a lot of business, because they don't have all the admin work and responsibilities on their plate.

Andrew also shares that they give their agents the opportunity to be trained to be master sales people very quickly because of they have an amazing training and coaching program. This is one of the things that make their team model a success. They pay an outside company to train and coach their agents so they can get to speed a lot quicker than if they go work for another company.

Andrew himself went through the same difficulties as other realtors during his first year in Real Estate. He didn't have the opportunity to join a team like this when he started in the Real Estate business. On his first 12 months in the business, he only sold 1 home to his parents and gave them half his commission, so he earned only $4691.00 that year. That's the normal scenario for most agents but it doesn't have to be that way. The Duncan Duo has agents who sell 20-30 homes their first year and again it's because of the system they have which set their agents up for success. He highlights the importance of education in order to convert those leads into sales.

Another thing that sets them apart is their awsome culture. They have a tight knit team with people who enjoy working together, they help each other out. They play as a team. They go on trips together, they go hang out together. They have a culture where everybody has each others back.

They focus on highly productive, successful agents who do a lot of transactions and a lot of business to help serve their clients. Andrew doesn't like the hobyists, the part time agents. He wants people who are focused on it 100% to be able to serve their clients.

They have over 120 video testimonials from clients and over 500 5-star reviews on Google, Zillow, Trulia combined that speak about what they do differently and how they have worked with their clients.

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