#1 Tampa Real Estate Agent Andrew Duncan shares secrets to success on stage with Vinnie Tracey at 2015 RE/MAX R4 Conference

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The Annual RE/MAX R4 convention was held a little over a month ago in Las Vegas. Andrew Duncan was on stage as a panelist with a few other agents talking about client and lead generation in the real estate industry.  Listen to the Top Re/Max agents in the country talk about their secrets to success. Joining Andrew were Leigh Brown from Re/Max Executive (NC) and Bart Medlock from Re/Max First (KY). 

Here are some common points they discussed which lead to their success in the Real Estate Industry.

Lead generation vs Client generation and cultivation

"A lot of brokers can be great in generating leads but leads don't pay the bills." - Andrew

"If you're spending your time hunting only for leads who are going to buy today, you're going to miss out on the income  6 months, 12 months and 5 years down the road." - Leigh Brown

They all have a common denominator and that is they build relationships with their leads or potential clients. They don't only focus on the leads who are ready to buy today. They follow up and even make sure to touch base with their past clients.

Importance of Social Media in Real Estate

They discuss how social media can be a powerful tool to generate leads and clients if used correctly. A strong online presence and making use of free resources like Youtube, Facebook and the like help in reaching the your audience.

Tracking ROI

They also talk about tracking your lead sources to know where the closings are coming from so you will know where to spend or invest your money.

Response Time

Andrew stresses how important it is to get back to the lead immediately because if you call them 4 hours after, chances are that they've already called someone else and you've lost the business. Leigh talks about how people nowadays need immediate gratification. They can't be bothered to wait. Bart says that he takes care of the the person who's in front of him whether by email or phone because you can WOW people with that.

Affiliation with Re/Max 

Being affiliated with Re/Max, there is a level of expectation, a level of experience that comes with the brand. It's the most recognizable brand of Real Estate in the country. 

A few days after this appearance, The Duncan Duo learned they were the #8 ranked team in the U.S. for RE/MAX out of nearly 100,000 associates. There were also a couple of very funny parts of the panelists interviews including Leigh Brown's description of 'missionary style' real estate. 

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