Local Tampa Real Estate Experts talk about Why Thousands of homes a year fail to sell in Tampa Bay

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Andrew Duncan, Tampa Bay's #1 Realtor and Expert, has a candid discussion with some local Real Estate experts about a recent article in the Tampa Bay Times that discloses that thousands of homes in Tampa Bay Don't sell each year and the reasons behind it. He has Paul Arrington from Arrico Property Management, The Diaz Duo from Waterstone Mortgage and Aaron Davis from Florida Agency Network and Hillsborough Title as guests on The Duncan Duo Real Estate Show.

They talk about some of the funny reasons why homes don' sell - from pink bathrooms to unclean homes to over customizing! Other reasons include price, flood zones, sink holes. One of the things the article didn't touch on is the quality of the agent. Every realtor has his own marketing strategy but if you want to hire someone to sell your most important asset, do your due diligence. See what their listings look like.

A lot of consumers look at the real estate statistics and say that everything's selling and what they're not aware of is that thousands of homes don't sell with the first agent. Sometimes it's the 2nd or the 3rd agent. In fact, Andrew shares that they have someone they employ whose sole job is to contact sellers whose homes did not sell with other agents. He highlights the importance of marketing in helping sell a home.

Another reason that homes don't sell is the market for that area or price point. You need to know the statistics so you know what to expect.

One of the worst thing that a seller would do is testing the market. If you test the market for a price that doesn't move, several months down the line, buyers are going to start asking what's wrong with it. Days on market is a crucial statistic. Andrew suggests that if the seller is insistent of doing that to not formally put it on the market. It's better to do FSBO.

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