Halloween Memories with the Tampa Bay Lightning

Brian Boyle with the Tampa Bay Lightning Shares His Halloween Memories

In today's Halloween-themed video, Brian Boyle from the Tampa Bay Lightning shares his favorite Halloween memory.

Brian's dad had a green mask. "We'd be like, 'Come on, Dad. You've got to get a new costume," says Boyle. It was an ugly monster type of mask. Brian's dad would sneak up behind the kids with a flashlight under his face, scaring them every time.

One Halloween, Brian's dad wasn't able to wear the mask because the family was having a Halloween party. Brian says, "At 10 o'clock, we packed up, and drove to Lake Placid for a hockey tournament."

We want to thank Brian of the Tampa Bay Lightning for sharing his Halloween memories. What are your favorite Halloween memories from growing up? We would love to hear your stories! Give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Brian Boyle
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