Q: Why Are So Many Retail and Hospitality Workers Flocking to Real Estate?

If you’ve been displaced in the retail, service, or hospitality industry, real estate may be the perfect new career for you.

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One interesting side effect of the ongoing pandemic is that many people are making the switch to careers in real estate. We’ve seen workers in hospitality especially, such as bartenders, waiters, and hotel employees, begin new paths in real estate as a way to escape unemployment caused by a struggling industry. Coincidentally, many of these people unknowingly receive their first experiences in sales by working in these environments, and they tend to have a smooth transition into helping clients buy and sell homes.

At their cores, people who work in retail or hospitality are forward-facing individuals who deal with customers each day. That’s pretty close to what Realtors do as a career—it’s just a different kind of customer and a different kind of sale. Moreso, you’re creating a relationship with a person. Bartenders and waiters often have customers who come in specifically to see them, and those interactions and gradual connections are very similar to ones with homebuyers and sellers. It’s why the transition is so easy.

These industries also teach you how to fix problems that—to put it bluntly—may not have been your fault. That’s a big part of what real estate professionals have to do each day, and we work to keep customers satisfied and fix issues that arise. It’s all about keeping the client happy.

      We have so many success stories from people who transitioned to real estate from hospitality and retail jobs.

It’s sad to see how so many people within these industries are being displaced, but as we progress through the pandemic, we’ll see more and more of these workers move into real estate careers. With this career, however, there is no income ceiling. People are rewarded for going above and beyond, which isn’t always true in other fields. They can really accomplish more working within the business model and working hours that real estate affords.

If you’ve been struggling in the hospitality industry or are seeking a way to jumpstart your income in a new field, go to jointheduo.com to see open positions and join monthly career nights via Zoom. Our career nights go into detail about what it takes to become licensed, what it’s like to work in real estate, and what working with us is like. 

We have so many success stories from people who transitioned to real estate from hospitality and retail jobs. One of our best agents was selling fish tackle before she got into real estate, and it’s a testament to how much these skills truly overlap. 

The real estate industry is booming, and if you’ve ever thought about a career helping people buy or sell homes, now may be the perfect time to jump in. We invite you to reach out to us, join our career nights, and simply ask us more about what it’s like as a real estate professional. Until then, we look forward to meeting you soon.

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