5 Major Home-Buying Mistakes

If you’re buying a home, avoid making these five disastrous mistakes.

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There are five fatal mistakes that too many homebuyers make during the home-buying process:

1. Hiring an inexperienced agent. This includes hiring people like your close friends and family because you’d feel guilty if you didn’t. Many people work in real estate part time and unfortunately can't always provide the resources, tools, and experience needed to help you navigate to a successful closing. Hiring an inexperienced agent to help you could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, a lot of heartache, and cause you to make further mistakes in the transaction. More experienced agents do more transactions, have more experience, and can therefore help you get to the closing table.

2. Failing to get a home inspection. Home inspectors are trained to find things that are wrong with a house. Like when they hire agents, many people look to their friends and family to help, only to find out months after the transaction that something had been missed or poorly assessed. Hiring a professional home inspector is a must in every real estate transaction.

      Don’t go out and make major credit purchases until after you close on the home.

3. Changing jobs. Any change in your job environment during a home purchase can cause issues with your mortgage. It doesn’t matter if you’ll make more money at your new job; it’s a risk the bank doesn’t want to take. Keep your job during the process, and be sure to document any bonuses you receive. 

4. Making credit purchases. We’ve helped countless people who, after qualifying for a home, have gone out and purchased new furniture at 0% interest. That throws their debt-to-income ratio out of whack, and they’ll find that they can’t qualify with their lender to buy the home. Don’t go out and make major credit purchases until after you close on the home.

5. Choosing the cheapest insurance. Far too many people buy the cheapest insurance policies they can, pass on flood insurance, or fail to get the proper coverage for certain elements of the home. Later when they have a claim, their claim is denied, meaning that they’re out potentially tens of thousands of dollars all because they didn’t want to pay an extra $100 a month for good coverage. Shop around for insurance before you pick one because buying the cheapest insurance is a recipe for disaster.

If you have any questions about what it takes to successfully buy a home in our current market, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.

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