This Market Requires an Experienced Professional

Here are the benefits of choosing an experienced agent.

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Great real estate agents understand how to negotiate and market homes, and they also know how to take advantage of a heated market like ours. Even though it’s now commonplace today, we’ve been generating bidding wars and selling homes for above asking price for over a decade. Our agents come from a place of abundance; they’re doing a ton of transactions and are well-compensated for it; they’ll never try moving things along just so that they can get a check. 

Being a buyer’s agent in this market is especially tough. It takes a lot of experience and effort to be able to secure a home for a buyer at all, given how low inventory has been. A good buyer’s agent needs to know how to navigate multiple-offer situations, and unfortunately, many newer agents don’t know how to do it.

Be sure to compare and contrast your options for agents when seeking professional assistance. Don’t just work with your friend or family member because they’re there or you feel obligated—no matter how close to them you are, if they don’t have the right skill set, they may end up costing you by leaving money on the table or failing to negotiate the best deal.

      Now is not the time to hire an inexperienced agent.

No matter if you’re buying or selling, if you’re planning to act in this market, you’ll need an experienced professional who has the power of a team behind them. Transactions today are more complicated than they used to be, so it’s invaluable to be able to take advantage of multiple specialists to help yours move along swiftly and smoothly.

Because we have such a large team, we’re able to collaborate in order to find properties that aren’t even on the market yet, as well as create strategies to secure properties for buyers and the best prices for sellers. We also have access to professional marketing resources like photography and videography, which can boost the appeal of a seller’s listing. Brand-new agents likely can’t afford the latest technology and tools to get you the best results.

If you’ve been thinking about buying or selling a home, reach out to the Duncan Duo Team at RE/MAX. We’d be happy to speak in more detail about how our combined experience can help you find success no matter what you’re looking to do.

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